USB FXO Installation   print

To all our Elastix users who are using the Sangoma USBFXO(U100), Please be aware that the device is not compatible in Elastix systems that are using DAHDI 2.6 and above.
Elastix 2.4 has Dahdi 2.6
Elastix 2.3 contains Dahdi 2.5.1 and below.

If you are using a version of Elastix that has DAHDI 2.6 and above (and using the USBFXO) please read the below information in order to get the device working in your system.

There are two options to resolve this issue:
1. Downgrade to Elastix version 2.3 or below (most efficient less risky way)
2. Downgrade your Elastix DAHDI version.

For option 2:
(make sure system is not in production, this will take system down)
1. Type the following in your Linux command line to download system related dependencies from your repo
-> yum -y install kernel-devel-$(uname -r) libtool* make gcc patch perl bison gcc-c++ ncurses-devel flex libtermcap-devel autoconf* automake* autoconf

2. Download dahdi version 2.5.1 in /usr/src/
-> wget

3. Download Sangoma driver (called Wanpipe) in /usr/src/
-> wget

4. remove your current version of Dahdi from your system
-> rpm -qa |grep dahdi
(the output will list your dahdi version)
-> rpm -e --nodeps <the exact output from the above command, without the .rpm)

5. remove your current version of Sangoma Wanpipe driver
-> rpm -qa|grep wanpipe
(the output will list your wanpipe version)
-> rpm -e --nodeps <the exact output from the above command, without the .rpm)

6. Install new dahdi version (2.5.1)
-> cd /usr/src/
-> tar xfz <dahdi 2.5.1 .tgz download>
-> cd <dahdi 2.5.1>
-> make
-> make install
-> make config

7. Install wanpipe (we needed to remove the rpm and install from source)
-> cd /usr/src/
-> tar xfz <wanpipe.7.0.5.tgz> (or whichever version you which)
-> ./Setup install
-> select option 2 for dahdi installation at the prompt
-> point to the installation directory of wanpipe (i.ei ./usr/src/dahdi 2.5.1)
-> follow the prompts (select yes as defaults)

8. Restart your system